Neuromyofascial Science Today! Episode: 001

Patrick Wagner
1 Min Read

Exploring Neuromodulation, Dry Needling, and Chronic Pain

Welcome to the very first episode of Neuromyofascial Science Today! In this episode, Patrick Wagner sits down with the pioneering Dr. G. Blair Lamb to discuss groundbreaking topics in neuromyofascial science. Dr. Lamb explores the intricacies of neuromodulation, dry needling, neuromyofascial pain, and the often misunderstood conditions like post-concussion syndrome and whiplash injuries. Learn how these concepts not only revolutionize pain management but also provide a deeper understanding of chronic pain conditions that affect millions worldwide. Join us for an enlightening conversation that delves into the latest advancements in neuromyofascial science and their impact on improving patient care.

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