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Invisible Spinal Injuries: Shifting Paradigms with Neuromyofascial Science

For nearly 30 years, I have been pioneering the field of neuromyofascial science, focusing particularly on the challenge of diagnosing and treating invisible spinal injuries—a realm where traditional medical imaging often falls short. My research into fat water indexing has opened new doors in understanding how injuries transform spinal muscle tissue, leading to chronic pain […]

Decoding Pain: A Deep Dive into Neuromyofascial Pain Patterns

Unlocking the mysteries of neuromyofascial pain through spinal health.

  Navigating the complexities of neuromyofascial pain requires a deep understanding of the spine’s role in health and disease. As a pioneer in the field, I’ve dedicated my career to unraveling the nuanced ways in which spinal injuries contribute to a wide array of pain syndromes. This journey into the heart of neuromyofascial science reveals […]

Whiplash Revisited: Challenging Conventional Classifications for Better Care

The enlightening comparison of vehicular speeds to free falls, emphasizing safety and neuromyofascial science.

  As we navigate the complexities of whiplash injuries and their profound impact on individuals’ lives, it becomes imperative to reassess our approach towards understanding and treating these conditions. Drawing upon my extensive experience and research, I propose a refined perspective on Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD), emphasizing the nuanced relationship between spinal injuries and neuromyofascial […]

Bridging Flexibility and Pain: Neuromyofascial Solutions for Hypermobility

Journey from concealed pain to enlightened healing in hypermobile patients.

  Navigating the nuanced intersection between hypermobility and neuromyofascial pain has been a cornerstone of my practice. Hypermobile females, forming a substantial portion of the complex chronic pain cases I encounter, present a unique diagnostic challenge, particularly in the context of whiplash injuries. Their distinct physiological traits—such as remarkable flexibility and unusual softness of the […]